Korean J. Math.  Vol 22, No 2 (2014)  pp.339-348
DOI: https://doi.org/10.11568/kjm.2014.22.2.339

The Generalized Hyers-Ulam stability of additive functional inequalities in non-Archimedean $2$-normed space

Sewon Park, Changil Kim


In this paper, we investigate the solution of the following functional inequality
\|f(x)+f(y)+f(az), w\|\le \|f(x+y)-f(-az), w\|
for some fixed non-zero integer $a$, and prove the generalized Hyers-Ulam stability of it in non-Archimedean $2$-normed spaces.


stability, additive functional inequality, non-Archimedean space

Subject classification

39B72, 39B62, 12J25


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