Vol 23, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Kolmogorov distance for Multivariate normal approximation PDF
Yoon Tae Kim, Hyun Suk Park 1-10
Travelling wave solutions for some nonlinear evolution equations PDF
Hyunsoo Kim, Jin Hyuk Choi 11-27
Base of the non-powerful signed tournament PDF
Byeong Moon Kim, Byung Chul Song 29-36
On semi-IFP rings PDF
Hyo Jin Sung, Sang Jo Yun 37-46
Change of scale formulas for function space integrals related with Fourier-Feynman transform and convolution on $C_{a,b}[0,T]$ PDF
Bong Jin Kim, Byoung Soo Kim, Il Yoo 47-64
On the spectral continuity PDF
Jae Won Lee, In Ho Jeon 65-72
Fuzzy almost strongly $(r, s)$-semiopen and semiclosed mappings PDF
Jin Tae Kim, Seok Jong Lee 73-79
Local volatility for quanto option prices with stochastic interest rates PDF
Youngrok Lee, Jaesung Lee 81-91
Multidimensional teaching: Thoughtful ways of creating a flipped classroom PDF
Hoyun Cho, Carolyn Osborne, Tobie Sanders, KyungEun Park 93-114
The basket numbers of knots PDF
Je-Jun Bang, Jun-Ho Do, Dongseok Kim, Tae-Hyung Kim, Se-Han Park 115-128
Qualitative uncertainty principles for the inverse of the hypergeometric fourier transform PDF
Hatem Mejjaoli 129-151
Nontrivial solutions for an elliptic system PDF
Hyewon Nam, Seong Cheol Lee 153-161
Quadratic residue codes over $p$-adic integers and their projections to integers modulo $p^e$ PDF
Young Ho Park 163-169
Pointwise behavior of the potential in anomalous localized resonance: A numerical study PDF
Junyong Eom 171-180
Lipschitz and asymptotic stability of nonlinear systems of perturbed differential equations PDF
Sang Il Choi, Yoon Hoe Goo 181-197
Weakly subnormal weighted shifts need not be 2-hyponormal PDF
Jun Ik Lee 199-203
Existence of solutions of a class of impulsive periodic type BVPs for singular fractional differential systems PDF
Yuji Liu 205-230

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