Vol 26, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Serial execution Josephus problem PDF
Jang-Woo Park, Ricardo Teixeira 1-7
Elliptic boundary value problem with two singularities PDF
Tacksun Jung, Q-Heung Choi 9-21
On some growth analysis of composite entire and meromorphic functions from the view point of their relative $(p,q)$-th type and relative $(p,q)$-th weak type PDF
Tanmay Biswas 23-41
The study on the Einstein's connection in $5$-dimensional $ES$-manifold for the second class PDF
In Ho Hwang 43-51
Rota-Baxter operators of 3-dimensional Heisenberg Lie algebra PDF
Guangzhi Ji, Xiuying Hua 53-60
Maps preserving Jordan triple product $A^{*}B+BA^{*}$ on $\ast$-algebras PDF
Ali Taghavi, Mojtaba Nouri, Mehran Razeghi, Vahid Darvish 61-74
Nonconstant warping functions on Einstein warped product manifolds with $2-$dimensional base PDF
Soo-Young Lee 75-85
On hyperholomorphic $F^{\alpha}_{\omega,G}(p,q,s)$ spaces of quaternion valued functions PDF
Alaa Kamal, Taha Ibrahim Yassen 87-101
Hausdorff operators on weighted Lorentz spaces PDF
Qinxiu Sun, Dashan Fan, Hongliang Li 103-127
An iterative algorithm for extended generalized nonlinear variational inclusions for random fuzzy mappings PDF
Aadil Hussain Dar, Mohd. Sarfaraz, Md. Kalimuddin Ahmad 129-141
On $0$-minimal $(m, n)$-ideal in an LA-semigroup PDF
Thiti Gaketem 143-153

ISSN: 1976-8605 (Print), 2288-1433 (Online)

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