Korean J. Math. Vol. 29 No. 2 (2021) pp.333-344
DOI: https://doi.org/10.11568/kjm.2021.29.2.333

On $f$-Kenmotsu manifolds admitting Schouten-Van Kampen connection

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Ashis Mondal


In the present paper, we study three-dimensional $f$-Kenmotsu manifolds admitting the Schouten-Van Kampen connection. We study the concircular curvature tensor of a three-dimensional $f$-Kenmotsu manifold with respect to the Schouten-Van Kampen connection. Finally, we have cited an example of a three-dimensional $f$-Kenmotsu manifold admitting Schouten-Van Kampen connection which verify our results.

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