Review Policy and Process

This journal is devoted to publishing research papers on pure and applied mathematics. To be published in the journal, a submission must be correct, new, nontrivial, and significant. All of the manuscripts are peer-reviewed. Its editorial policies are established and revised by the editorial committee members of KKMS including the Editor-in-Chief and Editors. The suitability of papers for publication in the Korean J. of Math. is judged by the editorial policy of the editorial committee. 

Step 1.

Editor-in-Chief has full directorship for reviewing a submitted paper, which is processed in the order of submission to the Korean J. of Math. Editor-in-Chief selects one Editor, then the Editor selects at least two scientifically qualified reviewers to conduct a critical review of the paper. A reviewer may not belong to the same institution as the authors.

Step 2.

The reviewers should examine the paper and return it with their reports to the Editor as soon as possible, usually within 2 months. The anonymity of the reviewers is always preserved. The reviewers recommend acceptance, rejection, or acceptance after revision through reviewer reports. 

Step 3.

The Editor is responsible for making a final acceptance/revision/rejection decision based upon reviewer reports and his/her review. The final decision by the Editor is usually completed within 2 months from the time of the paper submission. 


If a paper is not suitable for publication, it will be returned to the authors with a statement of reasons for rejection. The authors may appeal if they believe an erroneous or unfair judgment has been made. A letter to the Editor presenting reasons why the decision should be reconsidered will be subjected to due consideration. 


Most papers that eventually are published are returned, at least once, for revision. Revisions are requested because, in the opinion of the reviewers, the suggested changes will improve the paper. Common reasons for requesting revision are failure to follow the guidelines, lack of clarity or brevity, evident questions for the fact or theory, poor organization of tabular material, and poor English rhetoric. The revised manuscript must be returned to the Editor within 4 weeks or the authors will be notified that their paper has been rejected. 


Once a manuscript has been accepted, it will be sent to our production team for copyediting and composition. The authors will receive an email notification when their proof is ready for review.  


Review papers would be invited from well-known mathematicians by recommendation from members of the Editorial Committee. These invited papers would normally be subject only to minimum reviewing process that ensures their presentation conform to the editorial and review policy of the the Korean J. of Math.