Vol 27, No 4 (2019)

Table of Contents


Optimal radiocoloring of trees PDF
Xiaoling Zhang 831-841
Some new estimates for exponentially $(\hbar,\mathfrak{m})$-convex functions via extended generalized fractional integral operators PDF
Saima Rashid, Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor 843-860
Fixed point theorems for asymptotically regular mappings in fuzzy metric spaces PDF
Nilakshi Goswami, Bijoy Patir 861-877
On numerical range and numerical radius of convex function operators PDF
Zaiz Khaoula, Mansour Abdelouahab 879-898
Some growth aspects of special type of differential polynomial generated by entire and meromorphic functions on the basis of their relative $\left( p,q\right) $-th orders PDF
Tanmay Biswas 899-927
Investigation of some fixed point theorems in hyperbolic spaces for a three step iteration process PDF
Yunus Atalan, Vatan Karakaya 929-947
Matrix transformations and compact operators on the binomial sequence spaces PDF
Mustafa Cemil Bişgin 949-968
Nonlinear $\xi$-Lie-$\ast$-derivations on von Neumann algebras PDF
Aili Yang 969-976
Some properties of bilinear mappings on the tensor product of $C^*$-algebras PDF
Anamika Sarma, Nilakshi Goswami, Vishnu Narayan Mishra 977-1003
Convergence of a continuation method under majorant conditions} PDF
Shwet Nisha, P. K. Parida, Chandni Kumari 1005-1025
Sharpened forms of analytic functions concerned with Hankel determinant PDF
Bülent Nafi ÖRNEK 1027-1041
Evaluations of the cubic continued fraction by some theta function identities PDF
Jinhee Yi, Dae Hyun Paek 1043-1059
Sasakian structures on products of real line and Kahlerian manifold PDF
Beldjilali Gherici, Mohamed cherif Ahmed, Zegga Kaddour 1061-1075
A novel approach to intuitionistic fuzzy sets in UP-algebras PDF
Nattaporn Thongngam, Aiyared Iampan 1077-1108
Fuzzy connections on adjoint triples PDF
Jung Mi Ko, Yong Chan Kim 1109-1118
On generalized $f$-derivations of lattice implication algebras PDF
KyungHo Kim 1119-1131
Some metric on Einstein Lorentzian warped product manifolds PDF
Soo-Young Lee 1133-1147
Frenet type formulae for $2$, $3$-planes in Minkowski space $\mathbb L^{6}$ PDF
Sungho Park 1149-1157
$e$-Fuzzy filters of MS-algebras PDF
Berhanu Assaye Alaba, Teferi Getachew Alemayehu 1159-1180

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